Welcome to My Study Series for Mathematics!

Kia ora everyone and welcome to My Study Series for Maths! This unique learning platform provides hundreds of engaging videos targeting every Mathematics and Statistics achievement standard at Level 1, 2 and 3. With automated quizzing and access to student progress data, teachers can spend more time focusing on developing authentic and meaningful learning contexts within the classroom!

We are currently going through a pre-sale process getting ready for a 2018 launch. This process allows you to purchase annual access for a heavily reduced rate, which is locked in for as long as you remain subscribed to the platform. As well as a VIP rate, you also receive updates, samples and have the opportunity to provide specific feedback on content and platform features as they are implemented.

To learn more about My Study Series and the pre-sale process please check out our information page by clicking here.

A little about us (Augmented Learning Limited): We specialise in bringing education and learning to the end user (or student) in unique and innovative ways. Earlier this year we launched My Study Series for PE, a learning platform which currently has over 6000 students from 75 schools across New Zealand. We love learning and want to provide all NCEA students and teachers high quality support and guidance!